Upcoming - Deep listening for longing, Borås Art Biennial, Sweden. (Photo: Peter Olsén) www.boraskonstmuseum.se

Konstskolan - School of Fine Arts / Järna and Stockholm, Sweden www.konstskolan.nu

Upcoming courses 2021

Purple : The horizon - about red

27 February - Järna - Guest lecturer: Iris Johansson (swedish)

March 6 - Stockholm - Guest lecturer: Ylwa Breidenstein (swedish)

Black: Freedom

March 20 - Stockholm - Guest lecturer: Bjarne Edberg (swedish)

March 21- Järna - Guest lecturer: Tobias Sjöberg (swedish)

White: Responsiveness

May 15 - Stockholm - Guest lecturer: Lukas Sålby (swedish)

May 16 - Järna - Guest lecturer:- Pär Ahlbom (swedish)

Yellow: Wholeness

June 5 - Stockholm - Guest lecturer: Dennis Klocek (english)

June 12 - Järna - Guest lecturer: Beatrice Hallqvist (swedish)

Ögat och anden / The eye and the spirit - L’Œil et l’Esprit is a series of one-day exhibition that draw inspired from (Maurice Merleau-Ponty´s) phenomenological view on the creative moment. The exhibition series involves works by; Anna Wignell, Nina Roos, Johan Thurfjell, Hela Hildur, Ann Edholm -in dialogue with ongoing works and processes in the artist studio by Tobias Sjöberg / Järna, Sweden Read More

Upcoming exhibition:

Anna Wignell (SWE) Ibland ser jag mer / Sometimes I see more 28 February, 2021

Nina Roos (FIN)

Teckningar på tid / Timed Drawings

5 april, 2021

Dennis Klocek (USA)

I, a pilgrim

6 juni, 2021