Snow - for new matter is transparent, from eternity to eternity / Borås Art Biennial, Sweden - Deep listening for longing. (Photo: Hendrik Zeitler)

Sensing Sessions (Film: Peter Olsén)

As part of the installation in Gustav Adolf's church, a series of guided sensing sessions are carried out by Tobias Sjöberg, on the perspective "me, you and it”. The tours are taking place between 2 pm and 3 pm every last Sunday of the month, during the run of the biennial and are taking place in the public space outside the church, starting at the main entrance. Dates for guided tours: 30/5, 27/6, 25/7, 29/8, 26/9.

To participate, please send your booking to email:

Konstskolan - School of Fine Arts / Järna and Stockholm, Sweden

Upcoming courses 2021

Purple : The horizon - about red

27 February - Järna - Guest lecturer: Iris Johansson (swedish)

March 6 - Stockholm - Guest lecturer: Ylwa Breidenstein (swedish)

Black: Freedom

March 20 - Stockholm - Guest lecturer: Bjarne Edberg (swedish)

March 21- Järna - Guest lecturer: Tobias Sjöberg (swedish)

Yellow: Wholeness

June 5 - Järna - Guest lecturer: Dennis Klocek (english)

Ögat och anden / The eye and the spirit - L’Œil et l’Esprit is a series of one-day exhibition that draw inspired from (Maurice Merleau-Ponty´s) phenomenological view on the creative moment. The exhibition series involves works by; Anna Wignell, Nina Roos, Johan Thurfjell, Hela Hildur, Ann Edholm -in dialogue with ongoing works and processes in the artist studio by Tobias Sjöberg / Järna, Sweden Read More

Upcoming exhibition:

Anna Wignell (SWE) Ibland ser jag mer / Sometimes I see more 28 February, 2021

Nina Roos (FIN)

Teckningar på tid / Timed Drawings

5 april, 2021

Dennis Klocek (USA)

I, a pilgrim

6 juni, 2021